PriveCall™ 2.0 is an advanced and upgraded version from the first PriveCall device. PriveCall 2.0 is end-to-end encrypted speech encryption accessory for all commonly used smart phones, with upgraded features of 4,6" touch screen and end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Suitable for any organisation or team handling mission or business critical classified information.

PriveCall™ 2.0 calls and messages are impossible to eavesdrop on any 3rd party cyber actor, governmental or private - and yes, we really do mean this!

Privecall™ 2.0 design

Accessory to your smart phone

PriveCall™ is premium designed, robust and tiny pocket size accessory. PriveCall™ supports 3,5mm headphone jack and fits easily into a pocket, wallet, briefcase or can even be attached to phone´s flip covers.

Easy to use

1. Connect PriveCall™ and your smart phone by the press of a button or by plugging your hands-free unit in to a PriveCall™ unit
2. Your PriveCall™ contact list and user interface will open in your smart phone web browser
3. Make and receive secure calls and conference calls world wide – on privacy between PriveCall™ secured lines.

Works world wide

Activate your mobile phone WiFi hotspot connection and make secure calls with PriveCall™ world wide. No additional phone bills.

100% secure calls and messages

Privecall™ 2.0 is build with the hardened Linux operating system. Encryption libraries and the speech encryption solution are provided only in 100% verifiable source code. End-to-end encrypted speech is secured with AES256 and Diffie-Hellman key exchange, which makes cracking the encryption impossible.

Patent pending technology

Our solution is 100% transparent. PriveCall™ is designed and manufactured in Finland by XXLSec Ltd. US professional patent pending.

launch at the mobile world conference 2016

PriveCall™ 2.0 will be available in Q4 2016 for larger volumes. PriveCall™ was lauched at FEB 2016 in Mobile World Conference.

  • “Does it really work with iPhone as well?
    How about Windows?”
  • “Do you mean that it´s out side of all the current exfil vectors?”
  • “How about mic? So you can´t control that as remote?”
  • “Truly unique approach. Keep me updated!”
  • “We have our OPS team out there – they would need this quickly”
  • “Wow! I did not see that coming!”
  • “When can you deliver? I need 10 000 as of today!”
  • “Security from totally different angle than ever before”
  • “Lifesaver for us!”
  • “Finally we can arrange some global secure conf calls. It has been a pain for years”
  • “I don´t trust any external encryption, but Open SSL sounds perfect”
  • “We had quite bad information leak just last year. Should have heard about this earlier”
  • “What PriveOS?”
  • “Sounds perfect for our M&A operations”
  • “I don´t trust our current BYOD infra at all. All that meta data – scary!”
  • “Our Department´s wet dream!”
  • “We have remote team who is undercover. They would need this.”
  • “I´m impressed!”
  • “Can we control the encryption keys by ourselves?”
  • “MNO in our country is corrupted. We need to be able to pass it for business calls”

why privecall™

“The reality is they don´t care about most of us, they are not gonna try to hack our phones. The bigger issue here is our politicians, our business leaders – they could easilly be spyed on!”CBS 60 Minutes shows how easy it is to hack our phones

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